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Mallory Danaher’s Speech at the April 25th Break the Silence Rally for Israel

Mallory Danaher is the Director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center


Narain Kataria’s Speech, April 25, 2010, Break the Silence Rally for Israel

Narain Kataria’s Speech:


Brothers and Sisters:  Shalom:


I feel privileged and honored for your giving me an opportunity to speak before you.  I am really thankful to the organizers of this Rally.  I am living in this country for the last 40 years.  America has given me freedom of religion and liberty of expression.  Unlike Islamic nations, the American government does not force its citizen to accept Islam or say they would be killed or driven out of that country if they do not.


Dear friends like many Jewish people I am also the victim of Islamic Jihad. I am the survivor of the Partition of India that took place in 1947.  I was 17 years old when Islamists forced Hindus to divide British India into two parts in 1947 – Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.


I was living in that part of India which is now called Pakistan .  Since I was a Hindu, my life was made miserable by Islamic police and Islamic militia.  I was hounded out by Radical Islamists.  Many of my friends and colleagues were singled out, chased and brutally killed.  Thousands of Hindu and Sikh girls were gang raped by fanatic Islamists.  More than 10 million Hindus and Sikhs were driven out of the region that is now called Pakistan .


In 1947, there were 23% Hindus living there in Pakistan .  Today the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced to 1% in just 60 years.  All the others have been ethnically cleansed.


The same thing happened in Bangladesh .  The Hindu population has been reduced from 35% in 1947 to 9% in 2010.  More than 400,000 Hindus were driven out in 1989 from Indian ruled Kashmir .  These Hindus are living as refugees in their own country.


Today we Hindus are here to express our sympathy and support to Israelis who are surrounded by militant and fanatic Islamic nations armed with deadly weapons. Islamic nations want to wipe out Israel from the world map. Let me tell you, Israel is the frontier of the free World.  Once we lose Israel , we lose the free world.  I repeat, once we lose Israel , we lose the free world.


The cowardly and politically correct media and its apologists have no idea as to what they are dealing with.  It is not just Jerusalem the Islamists are claiming; they are claiming Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Londonistan, Parts of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and several other countries – and eventually the whole world.  They want all of us to surrender.  They want to subjugate all of us.  They want to plant the Islamic flag in London , They want to plant the Islamic flag at in Washington .  They have openly stated that they want to establish the supremacy of Allah all over  the USA , in India , in Israel and everywhere else.  Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have to resolutely and unitedly face this menace of terrorism.


We both – Hindus and Israelis – are the oldest surviving civilizations.  We both have been the victims of Islamic terrorism for more than a thousand year.  Hence, we both are the natural allies.


At the moment Israeli is under attack by radical Islamists.  Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East .  It has every right to exist.  We fully support Israel ’s right to exist as a free nation within its rightful borders.


GOD BLESS AMERICA###Narain Kataris is president of Indian American Intellectuals Forum


Rabbi Aryeh Spero’s Speech at April 25 Break the Silence Rally for Israel

Speech by Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Break the Silence Rally, April 25, 2010

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming out today in the rain in support of Israel and to protest the anti-Israel policies of the Obama administration.  It’s time to break the silence. 

Mr. President: Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is, all of it, the greatest Jewish city in the world!

President Obama: you are not Israel’s landlord. You are not Jerusalem’s landlord.  Neither is Hillary Clinton.

Jews have a right to build and live in all of their Israeli cities!

Mr. Obama, Secretary Clinton: you seem more angry over a Jewish family building a home and raising their children in Jerusalem than you do about Iran building a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel and America!

Mr. Obama, for too many centuries leaders have arisen demanding that certain cities and areas of the world be off limits to Jews – that certain areas be Judenrein, free of Jews. Now you demand that vast segments of Jerusalem, already populated by Jewish families, be free of Jews. You propose expulsion of the Jews.  To that we must say: Barack Hussein Obama – no, no, NO! Barack Hussein Obama – lo, lo, LO!

We now hear of plans from Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton to impose a solution on Israel. They want to divide Jerusalem, internationalize our holy sites and areas containing our historic synagogues. They want to populate Israel itself with Moslem Arabs hostile to the Jewish people who harbor hate in their heart and yearn for the destruction of Israel.  President Obama, your solution seems more like a Final Solution.

Mr. Obama: we have heard your blood libel – that Israel is somehow responsible for the loss of, as you say, “American treasure and blood.”  This is a canard, a self-serving distortion to frighten Israel and the Jewish community.

Mr. Obama, you treat Hugo Chavez better and with more regard than you do the Prime Minister of Israel. That may be your mode of conduct, but this sentiment and conduct is not in the American tradition. Your disgraceful conduct is an embarrassment to the American People. You have embarrassed the American people.  We don’t act the way you do.

—————–      ——————————–   ———————

And now, we must ask the most important question of the day: where are the heads of the major Jewish organizations? Where have they been over the last five weeks of day-to-day, 24/7 humiliation and vilification of Israel?  I’ll tell you: They have been hiding. They have been silent. 

Moreover, they have decided, in principle, to remain silent. They remain silent as they did 70 years ago becauset they don’t want to be on the “outs’ with the President and loose the invitations to the White House they love and crave. Worse, perhaps, is that some actually agree with Obama’s policy on Israel. 

But most of American Jewry disagrees with the Conference of Presidents and are appalled by your lack of leadership, your lack of courage, your lack of Jewish pride, your wimp-iness, your misguided world view. 

At crucial moments like this, when choices must be made, when sides must be chosen, one finds out where a person really stands.  Well, we now know. The major Jewish organizations have chosen Obama over Israel – because he’s their guy. They have chosen Hillary Clinton over Jewish nationalism – because she’s their gal.  They have chosen liberalism over Jerusalem.  

Yes, you are hiding.  If you can’t or won’t lead, step aside now and let others lead. With their silence, the Conference of Presidents have allowed and elevated the anti-Israel J Street to become the spokesgroup of the Jewish People. But the members of J street are traitors. They have gone over to the side of darkness.

The people of the George Soros-funded J Street, and some who head the major Jewish organizations, are, sad to say, embarrassed by a strong Israel, embarrassed by a distinctly Jewish state.They are first and foremost transnationalists.They care only about what their leftist cohorts think.They will jeopardize Israel if that’s what it takes to keep up their invitations to avante garde cocktail parties and events. We dare not depend on them.

Their heroes are not strong Israelis, nor strong, proud, Americans.Their heroes are those on the Left, the multiculturalists, who wish to weaken America and Israel .Their personal ambitions are more important to them than our survival.The Jewish leadership’s need to always appear reasonable, respectable, and accommodating to our enemies is a formula for Jewish suicide, American suicide. 

———————–   —————————   ———————-

And now let us say something to Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Obama Administration is not a true friend of Israel. You know who is? The American People – sixty eight percent of them, and even as high as 82 percent among Repubicans. The Obama Administration is not going to stop Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. The Obama administration’s view is, as one of their top men has said: “Just get used to living in a world with the Iranian bomb.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, this is your moment in history. A moment where you can rise above the other frightened world leaders who are simply caving in. Now is your chance to be a Joshua, a Winston Churchill. You speak of your admiration of Winston Churchill who saved the West from Nazism. President Obama, on the other hand, is not an admirer of Winston Churchill. Indeed, one of his first actions when arriving at the White House was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill that for years was poised in the Oval Office and return it to Great Britain.

Some in America are acting like Chamberlain, not Churchill.

Stand tall, Mr. Netanyahu, and give your people pride. It is unseemly, it is unbecoming, it is so not like Winston Churchill to witness a nickel-and-diming away of this neighborhood in Jerusalem so as to retain and keep a different neighborhood in Jerusalem. It is unbearable to watch Jerusalem being treated as if it were an item being negotiated in the bazaar, the shuk. Jerusalem and Israel are not for sale; it’s not on the auction block; it’s not up for barter.

Do not act like one who is afraid. If you do, G-d Forbid, your nation, the citizens of Israel will be afraid. Act with courage and your people will be filled with courage.

Mr. Prime Minister, you do not have to prove that Israel is a peaceful nation. We all know that it is. To whom do you feel you have to prove that Israel is a peaceful nation? To Mahmoud Abbas, the United Nations, to President Obama? 

Do not participate in this never- ending game called “process” that demands that Israel, for the one hundreth time, has to give up land to demonstrate she wants peace.These clever demands for “just a little more land”, by Arabs, will not stop until they have utterly weakened , shrunk, and demoralized Israel. There is no such thing as Land for Peace. It must be simply: Peace for Peace. Take it or leave it!

Many Jews are frustrated by the continuum of Israeli Prime Ministers delivering the Arab narrative, and how the Muslims must have a state of their own, and this of their  own, and that of their own. Oh-so sensitive to Moslem needs and honor.

We are looking for an Israeli leader to speak of the Jewish narrative, to speak of how Israel is ours by virtue of the Bible and history, and how we built it and made the Land shine once again. We want to hear about Great Jewish Aspirations, Jewish honor, Jewsh Destiny. The Big Idea — not about Ramot, yes, French Hill, no, maybe Gilo II.  

The American People will support and respect those who show self-respect — vigorous, emphatic self-respect. It’s about time we heard someone say: We sure as hell are not going to uproot our citizens, forfeit our land, and continually turn our country inside-out like a guilt-ridden, wounded pretzel to get approval for our right to exist. We have the right to exist – because we exist.

The world must know that this Arab conflict against Israel is not simply a local issue, but part of the greater Jihad. Islam wants the Philippines, Kashmir, parts of India, southern Asia, Israel, Europe, countries in South America and all of Africa. They accomplish this through terror, and too many are appeasing and submitting to this terror. Sadly, President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to hand Islam, Jerusalem. Whose capital is next?  What other parts of the world will President Obama, in the name of “peace”, hand over to Islam?

President Obama and secretary Clinton’s policies of U.S. disarmament, their vilification of Israel, their tacit nod to Islamization, and their preference for dictators has become a curse on this great nation, America, and a plague on Western civilization. Stay away from it! Caveat emptor!  Stay away from it!

Am Yisrael Chai!  G-d Bless America, Sweet land of Liberty.